5th Graders at JA Biztown

posted Oct 25, 2013, 4:53 PM by Jon Wollmuth
Over the past many weeks our 5th grade students have been engaged in a comprehensive curriculum exploring the principles of business, careers, banking and the economic system, known as "BizTown".
This week our fifth grade students culminated their studies with a visit to the Junior Achievement Center in Portland. The center houses a mini-city known as BizTown, where the students are employed in a variety of public and private businesses. The jobs range from working at the Pet Adoption Center to the CEO of Fred Meyer to the Mayor of BizTown. The students had the opportunity to implement the skills and concepts that they have learned during this unit of study in this real-world simulation.

The students, teachers and parents that participated had a great time, and we remain grateful that we are able to continue to offer this engaging program for our students. JA BizTown is supported by the Archer Glen PAC and the Sherwood Education Foundation.  We thank both of these groups for providing this enrichment opportunity for our 5th grade students.  BizTown is always a highlight of the 5th graders' final year at Archer Glen and this year is no exception.