Fun Run Update

posted Oct 5, 2012, 11:12 AM by Jon Wollmuth
Friday, September 28th was a beautiful day for our annual Fun Run.  The students, staff and parents ran hard and cheered hard  throughout the day.  People often ask, "What does the Fun Run money pay for?"  Let me tell you!  95% of the money from the Fun Run goes right to the classroom teachers.  The teachers use this money to purchase classroom supplies and supplements for student learning.  The money is used to cover the expenses for field trips and enrichment opportunities for students.  Fun Run money is used to bring in high-quality assemblies, of which we have four scheduled this year.  Fun Run money is used to purchase books to keep our library and classroom collections up to date.   The remaining Fun Run money and additional fundraisers that occur throughout the year is awarded in grant requests from staff to enhance the instructional program.  For example, last year, we applied this money to purchase iPads for our school.  

We appreciate the tremendous support that Sherwood community gives to our school.  We believe that the additional opportunities that the Fun Run provides continues to make Archer Glen a "Great Place for ALL Kids!"  Thank you