Recorder Study 

                                                                                                                                          Friday, March 1, 2013


Dear Archer Glen Third Grade Parents,

Archer Glen Third Grade students will learn to play the recorder during the course of this school year.  The recorder curriculum will focus on achieving a characteristic tone quality and enjoying playing a new instrument.

As always, music lessons will continue to include folk songs, movement, writing/dictation, listening, and part work, stressing melodic and rhythmic development.   Vocal development is emphasized above all.  The singing voice is the most important consideration.

The music department is selling good quality recorders for $5.00 each.  I recommend you purchase one of these recorders as they help young students achieve a characteristic sound, are not easily overblown, and come with a case, cleaning rod, and “Halo” neck strap.  Please fill out the form attached with payment, have your child return the form to the music room with a check payable to Archer Glen Music or payment in bills, and I will have your child’s recorder set up for the first day of recorder instruction: his/her name will be engraved on the instrument, and his/her name will be written on the case.

  All recorder purchases should be made no later than Friday, March 15th.  Recorder instruction will begin the week of April 2nd, the week we return from Spring Break. While students are not required to purchase a recorder, possessing a real instrument helps encourage many children to feel a sense of ownership in their musical growth.  Loaner recorders are available, may be checked out during class time, and will be checked in at the conclusion of this school year.

If you would like to purchase a recorder, please send: 1) $5.00 in bills or a check payable to ARCHER GLEN MUSIC, along with 2) The Completed Pre-order form no later than Friday, March 15th. Thank you for your time, and for the opportunity to teach your children.


Richard Greiner

Music Teacher

Archer Glen Elementary

(503) 825-5145