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AG Annual “Share The Love” Food Drive


Our annual “Share The Love” Food Drive is well underway at Archer Glen until February 16th. All donations will support Willowbrook Food Pantry in Sherwood. 
We had a number of families bring in food items to help in this effort! Students will get points for their classrooms for the items that they bring. We will have a Kinder – 2nd grade classroom winner and a 3rd – 5th grade classroom winner. The competition was fierce last year, but we brought in more food than ever before. Willowbrook was overwhelmed by our support. 
Remember that we will take cash donations along with food items. This gives Willowbrook the opportunity to purchase other items for families when their stock runs out.
Thank you so much for your support! This is always a fun event for our students and a way to show them how to care for others.